Posted by on 2nd March 2016

DIY sewing kit bag from scrap fabrics.

DIY sewing kit bag from scrap fabrics.

If like me you have a pile of unfinished sewing projects, long to socialise with like minded crafty folk, you’re looking for an excuse to dust off that sewing machine that has been stuck at the back of your cupboard for the last few years or simply in need of some much needed sewing motivation. Why not join me for a free sewing social the first Wednesday of every month at London Hackspace. For further details click here

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  1. Grace Lungu
    21st April 2016

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    I like like like……………………….

    Well done you!!!

    • studionelle
      27th May 2016

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      Thank’s Grace I’ll have to get you along to the next set of workshops next month!

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