Beauty and the piercing

There is definitely a resurgence of the alternative beauty, a celebration of other and individualism. The continued growth of festivals such as Afro-Punk has given rise to an alternative standard of beauty and a new desire to express identity in new ways. More alternative standards of beauty are becoming mainstream with public figures such as model Adwoa Aboah, Parisian Blogger, and Entrepreneur Freddie Harrel, and Jaden Smith becoming more visible and proving individualism can still be mainstream.! But this is not a new concept, on the contrary, we have been defining our own beauty standards for decades and centuries.


Historically we have used adornment as an extension of religion, cultural beliefs, an expression of beauty or resistance. Research tells us the first piercings were used by primitive tribes worn for their magical powers to ward away evil spirits.

African tribes such as Kololo in Malawi and the Surma people in Ethiopia are known to pierce their lip and stretch it with a clay plate. The origins are pretty sketchy, but today this practice is a depiction of beauty and prestige.

Today, piercings are a form of self-exploration, expression, and meditation, they offer a beautiful resistance to a reality that may not be as fun, a creative expression of self that requires no words.

Feeling yourself

Beauty is about feeling yourself, and not caring about the social norms, or regular shmegular ways of expressing that beauty. We can set our own standards of beauty. I too have flirted with piercings as a way of resistance, self-exploration, and expression. Including and in no particular order a nipple piercing, tongue piercing, forward helix, rook piercing and your standard earlobe piercing. When you learn to love yourself and feel your own look, that is true magic.

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