There’s something special about repurposing leather into somethng new. It opens the consciousness to some of the issues around consumption and gives you more respect and curiosity for the materials used and the process itself. The effect, a resistance to fast fashion.
Owned by Chanelle Joseph, an East London, creator, and maker of beautiful objects that have a purpose.

The manifesto at Studio Nelle is that by providing pieces crafted from materials already available in abundance in the world, we are saying no to wasteful practices that harm our environment. The aim is to empower us to live a more connected and ethical lifestyle, by creating unique luxury eco-conscious leather goods. These are handcrafted using surplus leather that has been discarded by the fashion industry and decorated with elements of Black cultural heritage and history. 
Waste is only disposable when there is no more use for it, untill then it is still precious - Studio Nelle
The belief at Studio Nelle is, everyone should have a creative outlet to sustain healthy wellbeing. Making with your hands can be a tool of resistance and a navigation process for overcoming and better managing stress whilst increasing self-esteem, and boosting confidence. Chanelle introduces her participants to the art of leather-craft as a way of promoting a more intentional lifestyle and how to use craft as a therapeutic outlet. The workshops double up as a skill that can be used to divert your coins away from buying into fast fashion and introduces you to some of the many benefits of living a slow and low waste lifestyle.

Whether it be promoting self-exploration through creativity, understanding how to live a more conscious and ethical life, or celebrating identity through heritage and culture you can feel good about your next Studio Nelle purchase.